You stop dreaming your life,
when you start living your dream

Life Coach

Jordi Costa Torregrosa

I am the Mindful Life Coach committed to professionally accompanying people in their change processes.

I help people like you develop their own resources and obtain their own tools to successfully overcome any difficult and unwanted situation.

Managing your emotions and perceptions, with which to increase your personal and professional quality of life, is possible with my personalized online sessions.

All people have the right to live fully, be successful in everything they do, and enjoy emotional well-being. It is what I believe with all my heart.

How May I Help You?

Do I currently feel happy in all sectors of my life?
What is the most surprising thing that has happened to me so far this year?
What prevents me from achieving my dreams?

Questions like these, and others, are frequent among people whom I have helped throughout my life, and that is why I have created Mindfulness Life Coaching with free useful resources, and personalized services as a professional in Life Coaching.

My individual services are an extra support for those people who are temporarily stuck or for those who want to accompany them to solve a process more quickly.

My processes are unique, with unique experiences for each person. It combines Coaching tools, my professional experience in project management, my daily personal habit in Mindfulness practices, and my own life experiences in the face of unexpected changes .

Remember that I offer you free tools so that you can go from sleep with your life to living your desired dream. Subscribe and make your own action plan to start “Live your Dream” today.


Individual sessions

Free discovery session, 1:1 session or multi-session programs exclusively for you.


Group activities

Face-to-face group workshops in Scotland. Online Meditation and others activities.


Free Resources

Documents, videos, audios ... Own creations and others that I share from Love.